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Custom Branded Workwear

If you are searching for high quality, safety requirement-compliant Hi-Vis custom-branded workwear, look no further than our protective range at EzyPromos. Affordable, comfortable and easy-to-wear workwear is a great addition to construction and other trade workplaces, on outdoor sites in any weather. A well-placed custom-printed logo can leave an impression on passersby on job sites where your employees work.

Made from quality tough fabric materials, our Hi-Vis Long Sleeve Polo shirts come in men’s and women’s varieties and go from sizes S all the way to XXL, making them a suitable option for all your staff. When choosing workwear, sun protection is key and that’s why both our long sleeve polos and Hi-Vis Safety Hats come with a 30+ SPF rating. Our custom-branded safety hats have anti-glare fabric under the brim, a reflective safety bank and a cord with toggle for a snug fit. Not only will these make sure workers are safe from the un, but will also minimise them from exposure to metal shards.

Call or email us today for more information on why our Hi-Vis workwear range can suit your outdoor construction site needs.