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Promotional Badges

Promotional badges aren’t something that might come to mind as your first chance to market your product or service, but they are unlike generic badges in that they are a bright, bold statement made about your company to your customers. Badges are a fantastic promotional tool for any number of organisations, from schools to charities, they stand out and subtly set you apart from your competitors.

This form of promotional product is great for various events, ranging from professional ones like employment and education conferences to entertainment shows for food, fashion, music and more. In these situations, promotional badges draw attention to your stand so visitors can find out more about your products. Because they are colourful and eye-catching, crowds will be able to see badges clearly at events.

For a more corporate-based event – such as work conferences and training workshops – badges are a convenient way for event organisers to allow people to network and greet attendees in a more personal way upon initial meeting. Stick-on, disposable badges are quite clunky and not very user-friendly and thus won’t attract much attention. Brand Republic’s Retractable Name Badge Holders are a completely different, more efficient product. Not only are they able to be used again and again but they don’t damage clothing and are comfortable to wear all day.

Another thing that sets badges apart from other forms of promotional product is that they are reusable, ensure your company’s name is visible and remains at the forefront of your customer’s mind upon greeting your staff members, whether in-store at a retail outlet or at an event stand.

Browse through our customisable promotional badges now and see why this would be a nice point of difference for your next promotional campaign or event.