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Promotional Bags Online

At EzyPromos, we offer a multitude of different promotional bags online. Our bags are able to be customised according to your specific requests, available to buy online or can even be sourced by our team for your unique needs.

We offer a huge range of different material options, from standard vinyl and PU material bags to environmentally friendly and paper bags. Below you will find information on each kind of promotional bag we supply:

Paper Bags

Our paper bags are made of a thicker variety of paper, a tough 160gsm to ensure durability and strength. They are available in either a natural or black tone, bulk packed for easy delivery and distribution and most importantly, we will happily screen print your logo or message on your promotional paper bags so that they can be used for promotional purposes effectively.


We have the perfect promotional backpacks which can be created in a wide range of colours, shapes and styles with your logo either screen printed, heat transfer printed or embroidered according to your preferences. Brand Republic boasts everything from your standard sack-style backpack in various colours all the way to more premium styles with mesh pockets, adjustable back straps and padded underlays.

Toiletry Bags

Promotional toiletry bags are a great way to expand your company’s outreach in a simple and affordable manner. They are effective marketing tools for promoting a product or service, more specifically in the travel or cosmetic industries. Brand Republic stocks PU and leather toiletry bags to cater to every budget.

Below are some of the eco bags that we offer.

Bamboo Bags

One of the most sustainable bag materials available today is bamboo, and so we have a range of eco-friendly promotional bamboo bags for your requirements. These bags are made from bamboo fibre-derived cloth or yarn, either 100% bamboo yarn or a blend of bamboo and cotton yarn. As with our other varieties, we make it our task to be flexible with branding options so you can cater our promotional bamboo bags to your business’s needs.

Calico Bags

For a more rustic, natural appearance, we recommend our promotional calico bags for a more eco- and enviro-friendly image for your brand. Our calico bags are a plain-woven cloth made from unbleached, undyed and not fully processed cotton which is an inexpensive yet highly durable option for your product or service’s branding. Calico bags are 100% reusable, brand well and will have a lasting positive impression on your customer’s view of your company.

Canvas Bags

Our promotional canvas bags are one of the most durable and versatile kinds of bag you can brand your business logo or message with. Canvas bags are especially popular in the promotional bag field, as they are sturdy and there’s a lot of space to print screen your logo on for high visibility. Our canvas bags are made from cotton and linen and because they are so tough, they will be long-lasting so your brand outreach will continue to be promoted for years to come.

Cotton Bags

Brand Republic’s promotional cotton bags are one of our best selling items, as they are made from the natural fibre thatis cotton, which means there’s plenty of strength and durability in the material to last for quite some time. We would love to talk with you about your branding requirements, as cotton is a great material to get your logo or message out into the world with ease and a simplistic, minimalist finish which has been trendy for a number of years.

Jute Bags

Enviro- and eco-friendly promotional jute bags are made from a soft, shiny vegetable fibre for a more nature-inspired look to your business’s promotional bags. Jute is one of the most common kinds of bag produced in the kodern world, and its strength and versatility can be a beneficial option for a variety of promotional campaigns.

Above are just some of our range of promotional bags. Other options include:

  • Promotional Cooler Bags
  • Promotional Picnic Bags
  • Promotional Laptop Bags
  • Promotional Sports Bags
  • Promotional Waist Bags

As you can see, Brand Republic has a variety of custom branded promotional bags on offer. Call us today for more information on how we can come up with something for your business needs.