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Celebrate your New Business with Promotional Balloons

Celebrating a new store opening, a new product launch or your business’ birthday? Do it in style with branded balloons!

EzyPromos has a range of promotional balloons, designed to help your business stand out from the rest. They are perfect for helping celebrate or promote your business, these balloons are great quality, have a large print area and are a fun way for your customers to get involved in your promotional event.

From the sporting field to schools, businesses to community groups, there’s nothing better than seeing your brand, business name, product or group being promoted throughout the community. Balloons offer a fun way to get known, and are a great way to promote new products and services to families with young children.

EzyPromos offer a large range of balloons from the standard balloon through to metallic and pearl toned balloons. Each range includes a large colour selection, ensuring you can get something to match you corporate colours and get the best out of your promotional event.

Within our range of custom printed balloons are the “Pearl” range which features colours such as apricot, lavender, blue, and yellow. The softer pastel coloured balloons are perfect for brands that don’t suit bright bold colours and look fantastic with a screen-printed logo. The he Metallic branded balloon range is perfect for those businesses looking for bright bold colours for their next promotional campaign. With a metallic finish they tend to stand out and give that extra exposure to your brand. Otherwise the standard balloon range is a fail safe option certain to enhance any event.

Balloons are a great way of helping to promote brands, events and products. Get ready for your next event with branded balloons from EzyPromos. Ezypromos is a leading supplier of promotional products in the UK market and can assist you with any marketing or promotional campaign

Start The New Year With a Great Corporate Gift

Now that the New Year celebrations are over and people are all back to work it is a great time to reconnect with your customers. The hang over that comes with the post Christmas period is a excellent reason to send your customers a nice little uplifting item to see them through what is probably the most difficult time of the year. It is always great when  you receive something nice from a supplier or business associate.

It is therefore the perfect time to start thinking about organising a corporate gift. Corporate gifts are a great way to build on professional relationships and bring in a more personal element. A good corporate gift can go a long way to demonstrate your commitment to your customer and to reinforce your brand.

The new year is a great time to start planning and restocking your corporate gifts supply with new ideas and products.  Branded pens and note pads are the perfect way to stay in the fore front of your customers mind, any products which are placed on the desk are a constant reminder of your brand.  Computer mice branded with you logo, mouse mats with full colour printed designs, branded USB flash drives, are items your customer can place at on there work desks or in there home office, these will be used daily and serve as a reminder of your company and services.

Research shows promotional items provide your company with good will and customers who receive gifts are more likely to pass on referrals and repeat business.

The new year also provides the opportunity to plan your promotional gifts around events and promotional marketing such as conferences, exhibitions and special event days such as International Womens Day and St Patricks Day.  If you are targeting students Orientation day at Universities and other fairs are also perfect events where you can distribute promotional products to your target market.

When choosing promotional products its important to consider your budget, target market and lead time.  What type of promotional products does your target market want, do they prefer corporate clothing, polo shirts or golf attire.  Do they like corporate printed stationery such as notebooks and pens or promotional technology products such as USBs, computer mice and powerbanks.  Its important to consider these to ensure you hit the nail on the head and satisfy all your customers needs.

Why Promotional Toys are Always Good for Advertising

In order to successfully promote your brand name, you will have to come up with a lot of different strategies. One of the best ways to expand and promote your business is through a toy that has your logo on it. It doesn’t take a lot of money to make toys, and they’re a product that hardly anyone would resist, since most people are still kids at heart, no matter how old they are. Even if someone doesn’t enjoy getting a toy, they will certainly have someone to gift it to.

Because of this, custom toys will help get your message out in a fun and subtle way. You should never underestimate the power of simple gift ideas when it comes to promoting your brand. Promotional products are always known to bring a wide range of audience to your brand. Just think about it, people will like toys even if there is no brand on them. However, they will like it even better if it symbolizes a brand that they love. Here are some of the best toys that you can use to promote your brand.

Fidget Spinners

This year’s toy craze revolved around the famous fidget spinners. Although it has been around for years, this toy suddenly became extremely popular this spring. What makes their popularity so unique is the fact that they aren’t made by a major company, they weren’t promoted in any big TV commercials, and their release wasn’t timed for the holiday season.

Apart from being fun to play with, fidget spinners also provide comfort to people in stressful situations. They can be used to calm both kids and adults who have irritating habits like constantly checking their phones. Making custom branded fidget spinners and giving them away to your partners and loyal customers is an excellent way to promote your brand.


Yo-Yos represent some of the oldest toys in the world. It is believed that they were around even 500 years B.C. Despite their long history, it looks like yo-yos will never go out of style. One of the reasons why yo-yos are good promotional products is because they don’t require batteries or power in order to work, unlike the majority of modern toys. This means that consumers will have the option to use them whenever they want. Imprinting your logo on this iconic toy is always a great idea, since there’s hardly a chance someone will want to throw it out.

Stress Balls

When you’re choosing a toy to imprint your brand name and message on, you want something that people will use frequently. A lot of people like to keep stress balls on their desk, since they provide you with an excellent way to relax at work. Stress toys are a great way to get your brand in the work place.


It’s always fun to bring a Frisbee when you’re going to the beach or a picnic in the park. Apart from being a great toy, they’re also known for their generous imprint area, where you will easily fit your logo and brand message.

Corporate Apparel and Promotional Products Strategies

The burning question for any marketing department is what is the best way to release you corporate brand in the market place. It can be said that most companies use many different strategies to market their brands and to get name recognition. Corporations are different to individuals in that just increasing ones profile is not enough. Corporations only want the kind of image that is a positive image in nature. It would explain why the method of expanding one’s brand is almost as important as the message. In this article I will discuss the two main means with which to extend the reach of a brand. While they may overlap it is important to understand each of them and the characteristics that bind them. They are promotional products and corporate apparel.

One of the most common methods of expanding a brand is promotional products. Promotional products or corporate merchandise is an essential tool of any effective marketing strategy. To extend the reach of traditional and digital marketing it is important to give customer a physical manifestation of ones corporate identity. Companies choose a huge array of products to achieve this objective chopping and changing as the circumstance alters. Indeed any effective promotional products strategy needs to be fluid and able to adapt to the current message a company is trying to put across. Again taking the example of McDonalds you will notice a very thought through and target promotional products strategy. With McDonald they promotional merchandise is tried in with product offerings. So every new promotional item is directly connected with goals and objective set out by their marketing departments.

With corporate apparel there are many different types of items which make up this category. Corporate apparels is made up of a few different subcategories. They include things like business shirts, t-shirts, polos, workwear and jackets just to name a few.

All the above subcategories of corporate apparel are fundamental to corporate identity. When companies choose to outfit there employees for an event or as uniforms they are ultimately trying to solidify their image to the viewing public and their customers. The look of their workforce will form the public’s perception of the company and what they think of it. Companies go to great lengths to create a combination and design that will best represent the companies ideals in the market place. When you think of companies such as Apple with their employees at the Apple Stores or the effort that McDonalds go to in their uniforms it is clear that corporations take their corporate apparel seriously. Any combination of the subcategories above is essential in assisting a positive and last corporate identity.

Lanyards Great for Branding

Promotional products are a great way to expand your brands reach. Companies have long used promotional gifts to build brand recognition and customer loyalty. Whilst some companies have large budgets which allow for an extensive range of products there are times when it is necessary to limit expenditure to maintain a lid on spending. Even large companies need to be mindful about their costs so that they get maximum bang for their marketing buck. It is times like these that a simple lanyard is important to be kept in consideration.

Lanyards are one of the most prolific promotional items in the promotional products industry. They are highly practical with very defined uses that are essential in any business environment. They have long been a mainstay of the promotional products industry and can be found in any organisation or corporation. They are also a product which although inexpensive has many accessories which can add value to the product and practicality. Although just a simple product it is very adaptable for different uses and divisions within a company.

Lanyards come available in a few different materials and accessories. They can come with different hooks which are variable depending one what one would anticipate to attach to the lanyard. You might want to attach key or identification or any other numerous applications. All or which would require a different kind of attachment. That said there are also other types of accessories like card holders, retractable reels, bottle holders just to name a few. They can already come attached to the lanyard to packed with them in a poly bag.

The different lanyard materials are also available depending on what the user intends the usage to be. For a cheap and easy lanyard marketing department will often chose the polyester lanyard. Polyester lanyards are inexpensive and rugged. They are a lanyard which will easily stand the test of time. For something more prestige there are other materials available like satin, or a poly satin combination. For something more durable there is aways the nylon version which is tough. Either way there are heaps of options available.

The most valuable characteristic of the lanyard is the branding options. You may think that the only branding option is screen print. Whilst it is the most common chosen there are other options as well. Is you have a gradient you can always digitally print your logo with the sublimation lanyard. There is also the woven option for times when you need the logo or message to remain for the life of the product. There different branding options ensure that you will have the right lanyard for the right occasion.

So next time you are looking at a great promotional gift for a trade fair or corporate event look no further.

Importance of Corporate Apparel in Marketing

Corporate apparel has many uses, but did you know it’s a very important marketing tool for your business? It’s true, aside from making your company look smarter, your use of apparel can help promote your company and increase exposure.

Here are a few things that help illustrate this point:

Corporate Apparel Builds Brand Awareness

It’s crucial that your business builds brand awareness, so people know your company exists. When a consumer sees your logo, they should automatically identify it with your brand and the service you offer. One of the best ways to do this is by utilising corporate apparel. Purchase clothing that’s designed in your brand colours and displays your logo for everyone to see. Get your employees to wear this apparel, and they increase brand exposure. More people see your logo, more people see your name, the awareness grows, and your business will soon follow.

Corporate Apparel Can Be Used As Promotional Products

Promotions are a clever marketing tool to get people interested in your business. Lure them in with a promo offer, and you could end up with a loyal customer for life. You can use corporate apparel as part of your promo by offering items as free gifts. We sell a large variety of apparel, from standard t-shirts to caps, and even hooded jackets. People love getting free things, especially when they can actually use them. Offering your corporate apparel as promotional products helps entice new customers and gets your brand out there too. It ties into the first point as people may wear your branded apparel to the gym, or when they go for a run, which basically advertises and promotes your brand for free.

Corporate Apparel Helps Promote Products

As well as using your corporate apparel as a promotional product, you can use it to actually promote upcoming products. Get one of our custom printed t-shirts, and you can print anything you want on it. This could be an image or logo to do with an upcoming release your business is planning. You’re actively promoting this new product – or service – just by wearing the apparel and walking around.

Corporate Apparel Improves Your Reputation

Companies look a lot smarter and more professional when they’re kitted out in corporate apparel. Whether you’re running a blue-collar business or a white-collar one, having a uniform of sorts can do wonders for your reputation. In marketing terms, reputation means everything. It’s so hard to market a business when their reputation is bad – nobody wants to go near them. But, by wearing corporate apparel and making your company look more professional, it gives you a positive reputation, making it so much easier to market your business.

As you can see, the importance of corporate apparel in marketing is clear. We have such an extensive catalogue of high-quality apparel that you can purchase for your company. Whether you want to dress your team in professional clothing, or giveaway branded items to your customers, we have an option for you. There are plenty of long-term, continuous, benefits of corporate apparel, making it a smart investment for your business.

History of Promotional Products in the United Kingdom

The promotional merchandise industry in the UK emerged during the late 1950s. Although companies and individuals provided gifts before this, the promotional merchandise industry was formally established during this time. In following years the industry continued to grow as companies started to realise the importance of growing their brands and attracting customers through incentives and gifts featuring their companies logo. As the industry grew so did the range of goods on offer. Whilst initially it would have been lighters and pens as the years went by this grew to incorporate a large amount of consumer items. Now days there are thousands of items on offer at any one time by thousands or promotional products suppliers and distributors.

In later years these catalogues were the main source of products as distributors would send these out to customer so they could view the products on offer. The internet age has caused this to change dramatically with customer now able to view products online and even purchase the products they require.While in the early years promotional merchandise catalogues were the sales tools, now an explosion of new technologies has meant that customers are able to view products through a number of mediums.

The promotional products industry in the UK is made up of distributor and supplier. While they may sound the same there is a distinction. Distributors are companies which are experts in sourcing promotional products and then selling them to end users. They are usually members of trade organisations and attend trade only shows like (PSI) show in Europe and the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Show in Las Vegas, NV. Suppliers on the other hand are companies that either manufacture or import promotional products and then sell them to the distributor. Suppliers generally don’t sell direct to the end users.

Ezy Promos in the UK

Ezy Promos has expanded it’s operation into the UK. Ezy Promos has worked with some of the largest corporation in the Australian marketing including international brands such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, IBM and BHP Billiton just to name a few. We work with corporation both big and small and support a number of advertising agencies as well.

Ezy Promos offers a large range of products to meet you promotional marketing needs. Our products include off-the-shelf products and fully customised products to suit your needs.

The Ezy Promotional Products team is experienced in sourcing a large range of promotional products, Ezypromos has developed a stable network of suppliers who offer a range of stock items as well as customised products.

Whether you are looking to compare products or pricing, looking for factories with low MOQs, or looking to design from scratch, the Ezypromos team is well equipped to help you along the way.

In an industry where customers need to have products customised, changed or matched to their corporate colours, it’s important to have a supplier you can rely on.

The team are also able to help design products and concepts from the ground up, a completely new custom design or idea, maybe even a concept that your client needs help developing. With these opportunities comes the need for a strong sourcing partner that can take their concepts and turn them into reality.

We have assisted may customers in successfully executing  hundreds of standard and custom projects, contact us to find out how we can help you.

New Fidget Spinner Great For Promo

The new fidget spinner is a great new promotional item as well as a fun therapeutic toy.  The user spins it between their fingers and can learn to do tricks with. Its simple spinning action provides hours of stress relieving fun for both adults and children. It is thought that the momentum produced provides a pleasing sensory experience while the challenge of tossing, transferring and twirling. The claim that the new fidget spinner is the hottest promotional product on the planet rings true when you see all the fuss which comes with it. It also offers an incredible opportunity to put a logo or message in the hands of a huge potential audience.

Our fidget spinner is CE certified and complies with AS/NZS 8124.1.2016 (Safety of Toys) standard.