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Coffee Mugs & Cups

Coffee Mugs & Cups

One of the most in-demand promotional items our customers are after these days are branded coffee mugs and cups. One of the most effective promotional tools, coffee mugs and cups can be used as promotional gifts for new customers as well as for staff members.

At EzyPromos, we are one of the leading companies for customised, personalised promotional mugs and cups. Here’s a quick introduction of all the products we offer in this category:

  • Ceramic Coffee Mugs – We’re all about the highest quality and more reasonably priced promotional goods so our ceramic mugs are durable, strong and long-lasting for your staff and customers. What makes them so effective as marketing tools is that they hold printed logos for years and printing on a wide range of colours and sizes is a piece of cake. One of our bestsellers.
  • Stainless Steel Mugs – One of our most visually appealing promotional products, our stainless steel mugs are our toughest in the range. They come with a sophisticated matte stainless steel finish which will speak highly of your company to your clients and will certainly attract attention.
  • Reusable Coffee Cups – Perfect for companies that want lightweight, affordable coffee cups which can be reused for a temporary amount of time, our reusable coffee cups are available in different sizes and colours so you can purchase in the 350ml, 480ml, and a larger coffee cup tumbler sizes.
  • Thermal Flasks – The most practical coffee mug we have are our thermal flasks, which are versatile in use and can be customised to a range of different styles and sizes. Brand Republic’s thermal flaks will contain heat for long periods of time, so are great for travelling staff or for long conferences and meetings at the office. They also make a beautiful, long-lasting gift for your clients. We have the following in stock ready to be personalised for your needs: Therma vacuum bottle, Contour vacuum flask, Drink Master thermal mug and Stainless Steel Bullet thermal flask.
  • Travel Mugs – Like our thermal flasks, our promotional travel mugs retain heat extremely well and thus are very tough and convenient to take with you on the go. We are confident there is a travel mug that will appeal to your company’s needs as we stock various styles and sizes, and can print your logo directly onto most travel mugs we have available to purchase. We have the following styles for your business, so there’s a type for every business requirement: Stainless Steel Trip Mug 500ml, Baltic Mug, Atlantico Stainless Steel Mug, Digital Coral Mug, Digital Galilee Mug, Tasman Mug, Barola Mug, Wharton Mug and Sarasota Mug.

Why Choose Our Custom Mugs?

We know we have some of the most high quality custom mugs on the market, but here are some reasons we think you should purchase a branded coffee mug or cup from EzyPromos:

  • Our promotional coffee mugs and cups are manufactured to our high standard, under strict quality control standards.
  • Our in-house logo designers use only the latest, up-to-date printing technology to spread your message on your branded mug.

Our products are always reasonably priced so they can be purchase in confidence.