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Lanyards & Accessories

 Lanyards & Accessories

Promotional printed lanyards and work-related accessories such as retractable reels, PVC card holders and attachments are a great company investment for a number of reasons. They are effective at making your staff identifiable to customers without requiring a complete uniform. They are unobtrusive, affordable and customers will be able to clearly identify your staff from a distance.

Types of Lanyards

We have a plethora of promotional printed lanyards in our store so we are confident we can cater to your budget and specific needs. We have:

  • Bootlace Lanyard
  • Poly Ribbed Lanyard
  • Satin Lanyard
  • Nylon Lanyard
  • Sublimated Lanyard
  • Woven Lanyard
  • Polyester with PVC Strip Lanyard
  • PVC Lanyard
  • Recycled PET Lanyard
  • Woven Rope Lanyard
  • Polyester and Satin Lanyard
  • Faux Leather Lanyard
  • Twister Lanyard
  • Dog Tag Lanyard
  • Polyester Rope Lanyard
  • Recycled PET Lanyard

Promotional lanyards have excellent marketing potential as your logo and brand message will be visible to customers. They can be linked with our attachments to card holders for ease of use, and are simple to customise with our in-house logo designers.

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