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Lanyards Great for Branding

Custom Printed Lanyards

Promotional products are a great way to expand your brands reach. Companies have long used promotional gifts to build brand recognition and customer loyalty. Whilst some companies have large budgets which allow for an extensive range of products there are times when it is necessary to limit expenditure to maintain a lid on spending. Even large companies need to be mindful about their costs so that they get maximum bang for their marketing buck. It is times like these that a simple lanyard is important to be kept in consideration.

Lanyards are one of the most prolific promotional items in the promotional products industry. They are highly practical with very defined uses that are essential in any business environment. They have long been a mainstay of the promotional products industry and can be found in any organisation or corporation. They are also a product which although inexpensive has many accessories which can add value to the product and practicality. Although just a simple product it is very adaptable for different uses and divisions within a company.

Lanyards come available in a few different materials and accessories. They can come with different hooks which are variable depending one what one would anticipate to attach to the lanyard. You might want to attach key or identification or any other numerous applications. All or which would require a different kind of attachment. That said there are also other types of accessories like card holders, retractable reels, bottle holders just to name a few. They can already come attached to the lanyard to packed with them in a poly bag.

The different lanyard materials are also available depending on what the user intends the usage to be. For a cheap and easy lanyard marketing department will often chose the polyester lanyard. Polyester lanyards are inexpensive and rugged. They are a lanyard which will easily stand the test of time. For something more prestige there are other materials available like satin, or a poly satin combination. For something more durable there is aways the nylon version which is tough. Either way there are heaps of options available.

The most valuable characteristic of the lanyard is the branding options. You may think that the only branding option is screen print. Whilst it is the most common chosen there are other options as well. Is you have a gradient you can always digitally print your logo with the sublimation lanyard. There is also the woven option for times when you need the logo or message to remain for the life of the product. There different branding options ensure that you will have the right lanyard for the right occasion.

So next time you are looking at a great promotional gift for a trade fair or corporate event look no further.