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17 Apr, 2018

Celebrate your New Business with Promotional Balloons

Celebrating a new store opening, a new product launch or your business’ birthday? Do it in style with branded balloons! EzyPromos has a range of promotional balloons, designed to help your business stand out from the rest. They are perfect for helping celebrate or promote your business, these b


23 Jan, 2018

Start The New Year With a Great Corporate Gift

Now that the New Year celebrations are over and people are all back to work it is a great time to reconnect with your customers. The hang over that comes with the post Christmas period is a excellent reason to send your customers a nice little uplifting item to see them through what is probably the


02 Jan, 2018

Why Promotional Toys are Always Good for Advertising

In order to successfully promote your brand name, you will have to come up with a lot of different strategies. One of the best ways to expand and promote your business is through a toy that has your logo on it. It doesn’t take a lot of money to make toys, and they’re a product that hardly anyone


28 Nov, 2017

Corporate Apparel and Promotional Products Strategies

The burning question for any marketing department is what is the best way to release you corporate brand in the market place. It can be said that most companies use many different strategies to market their brands and to get name recognition. Corporations are different to individuals in that jus


27 Nov, 2017

Lanyards Great for Branding

Promotional products are a great way to expand your brands reach. Companies have long used promotional gifts to build brand recognition and customer loyalty. Whilst some companies have large budgets which allow for an extensive range of products there are times when it is necessary to limit expendit


19 Oct, 2017

Importance of Corporate Apparel in Marketing

Corporate apparel has many uses, but did you know it’s a very important marketing tool for your business? It’s true, aside from making your company look smarter, your use of apparel can help promote your company and increase exposure. Here are a few things that help illustrate this point:


16 Oct, 2017

History of Promotional Products in the United Kingdom

The promotional merchandise industry in the UK emerged during the late 1950s. Although companies and individuals provided gifts before this, the promotional merchandise industry was formally established during this time. In following years the industry continued to grow as companies started to re


12 Sep, 2017

Ezy Promos in the UK

Ezy Promos has expanded it's operation into the UK. Ezy Promos has worked with some of the largest corporation in the Australian marketing including international brands such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, IBM and BHP Billiton just to name a few. We work with corporation both big and small and support a n


20 Jun, 2017

New Fidget Spinner Great For Promo

The new fidget spinner is a great new promotional item as well as a fun therapeutic toy.  The user spins it between their fingers and can learn to do tricks with. Its simple spinning action provides hours of stress relieving fun for both adults and children. It is thought that the momentum produced