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Start The New Year With a Great Corporate Gift

Happy New Year Corporate Gifts

Now that the New Year celebrations are over and people are all back to work it is a great time to reconnect with your customers. The hang over that comes with the post Christmas period is a excellent reason to send your customers a nice little uplifting item to see them through what is probably the most difficult time of the year. It is always great when  you receive something nice from a supplier or business associate.

It is therefore the perfect time to start thinking about organising a corporate gift. Corporate gifts are a great way to build on professional relationships and bring in a more personal element. A good corporate gift can go a long way to demonstrate your commitment to your customer and to reinforce your brand.

The new year is a great time to start planning and restocking your corporate gifts supply with new ideas and products.  Branded pens and note pads are the perfect way to stay in the fore front of your customers mind, any products which are placed on the desk are a constant reminder of your brand.  Computer mice branded with you logo, mouse mats with full colour printed designs, branded USB flash drives, are items your customer can place at on there work desks or in there home office, these will be used daily and serve as a reminder of your company and services.

Research shows promotional items provide your company with good will and customers who receive gifts are more likely to pass on referrals and repeat business.

The new year also provides the opportunity to plan your promotional gifts around events and promotional marketing such as conferences, exhibitions and special event days such as International Womens Day and St Patricks Day.  If you are targeting students Orientation day at Universities and other fairs are also perfect events where you can distribute promotional products to your target market.

When choosing promotional products its important to consider your budget, target market and lead time.  What type of promotional products does your target market want, do they prefer corporate clothing, polo shirts or golf attire.  Do they like corporate printed stationery such as notebooks and pens or promotional technology products such as USBs, computer mice and powerbanks.  Its important to consider these to ensure you hit the nail on the head and satisfy all your customers needs.